Getting the right diagnosis at the right time

Diagnosis is among the most critical and complex challenges clinicians face every day, and diagnostic errors are a significant patient safety concern. Misdiagnoses take a toll on all involved - patients and their families, and also on health care practitioners and their colleagues.

The educational video Diagnostic Excellence: Getting the Right Diagnosis at the Right Time was launched and promoted to raise awareness on the factors that lead to diagnostic errors and how to achieve Diagnostic Excellence. Using research-based content, consultation with internal subject matter experts, leaders and patient advisors for content and production of the video yielded high acceptance and thoughtful reflections of clinical practice.


What will you learn from this video?

  • Understand how and why diagnostic errors are made
  • Identify what can be done to avoid diagnostic errors and improve the decision-making process
  • Demonstrate the value of engaging and collaborating with patients and teammates
  • Show the importance of documenting a differential diagnosis
  • Share available resources and systems that support clinicians and patients in assuring diagnoses are timely, accurate and communicated efficiently


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Diagnostic Excellence Video Segments

Why talk about diagnostic errors?
Michael Kanter, MD CPPS

Partnering with patients to drive diagnostic excellence
Susie Becken, Patient Advocate

Avoiding diagnostic errors
Lawrence Lurvey, MD JD

Understanding bias

Self-awareness of unconscious bias
Shari Chevez, MD

Always make and document a differential diagnosis
Kim Tran, MD FACP

The diagnostic process is a team sport
Kerry Litman, MD CPPS

Back office teamwork
Aileen Oh, MSN RN

Raising your diagnostic awareness
Ronald Loo, MD

A physician's perspective
William Strull, MD CPPS CIP

Systems to achieve diagnostic excellence
Tracey Imley, MD

Tools for patient safety
Vu Nguyen, MD

Building a healthy learning culture
Lance Brunner, MD FAAFP

Team based learning programs
Rajesh Swaroop, MD FACP

Team-up with language and interpreter services
Madalynne Wilkes-Grundy, MD

Enhancing diagnostic documentation
Paul Minardi, MD

Achieving diagnostic excellence
Nancy Gin, MD